In September 2016, on a trip along Estrada Nacional 2, the idea of ​​creating a meeting point with the purpose of bringing together all those who travel along the EN2 and who have access to information about accommodation, restaurants and the various places of interest along the road. 

In June 2017, the participation in the MOOVIDEIAS contest served to take the project out of the drawer, align ideas and decide the way forward. 

This online store is the beginning of that. Launched on November 13, 2017, the 1st store dedicated to Estrada Nacional 2 is born and the Comunidade EN2 adventure begins. 

How to publicize and promote Estrada Nacional 2? 

Among other ways, through merchandising and helping to promote businesses along the road or around it. This is the main objective of this online store, in addition to creating a network of Partners and a community of EN2 fans. Also with the support of a Facebook page where all sharing of information related to EN2 is welcome. 

Maybe in the future a physical space where we can meet... 

1 KM at a time...