Welcome to Comunidade EN2.

Comunidade EN2 is a Registered Brand and the 1st online store dedicated to Estrada Nacional 2.

 We are fans of the 738.5 km of the longest road that crosses our country from North to South, Chaves-Faro. 

We want you to be that too and get to know everything it has to offer. So let's gather all those who want to walk, donkey, bicycle, scooter, motorhome, motorbike or car, have already walked there, slowly, quickly, in whole or in parts. 

Estrada Nacional 2 doesn't have to be a race. You must, within your availability, choose the time you will need. So you can decide where to sleep, where to eat and what to visit within your budget and your needs. 

Have a good trip/adventure!!! And above all have fun.

Planning a Road trip along Estrada Nacional 2? 

 This is the Application you need. This APP intends to gather all the information related to Partners, Friends and even suggestions from the EN2 Community. 

Available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.comunidadeen2.app    

Where to eat and drink; Where sleep; Places to visit; Camping on the EN2; vouchers; EN2 Route (.GPX) and Google Maps; Comunidade EN2 Contacts; Newsletter; Online store; Gasoline Pumps (More Gasoline); ASA's (CampingCar Portugal); Meteorology (IPMA); Miio (Android and Apple) Electric car charging stations; Stamping Locations. 

You can share your experience using the comments. 

You can save your Favorite locations. 

Suggestions, questions or help just go to "Contacts" to talk to us.