General principles

This Privacy Policy aims to clarify how Comunidade EN2 collects, stores and uses the data of those who place orders in its online store. By confirming any purchase on the Online Store, you are agreeing to the terms on this page. 

Comunidade EN2 reserves the right to update/change this policy at any time, without prior notice. In case of change, all terms will be published on this page, or on another one for the same purpose, and will be effective immediately. 

To get in contact with Comunidade EN2, either by postal mail or online, you should consult the "Contact" field on the official website (

Collection and processing of personal data 

Personal data are collected in two moments: customer registration in the Online Store to make a purchase or registration in the newsletter. Filling in the data is done by each user, who is responsible for the veracity of this information. 

Comunidade EN2 may request additional data from the user, with the purpose of complementing existing information or solving any question associated with an eventual order. 

At no time will Comunidade EN2 collect or provide personal data for the benefit of third parties. 

In accordance with the current online platform [Webnode] for the purpose of ordering products from Comunidade EN2, Comunidade EN2 reserves the right to collect and process the following personal information: name, e-mail, address (from shipping and billing), tax identification number, telephone number, payment information and customer registration credentials. Other elements may be added to these elements, although Comunidade EN2 grants them an optional character, duly identified. 

The data collected is used for commercial, billing, marketing, authentication and user identification purposes. They can also be used for legal, legal and tax purposes. 

As the owner of the data - whether as a regular purchaser or a registered customer -, you have the right to access, change and delete your data at any time, having to communicate this intention to Comunidade EN2.

Use and purpose of collected personal data

Comunidade EN2 collects personal data for: 

- Execution and management of purchase and sale contracts; 

- Order processing; 

- Communication with customers and clarification of doubts; 

- Processing of information requests; 

- Statistical analysis activities; 

- Check, maintain and develop systems and statistical analysis; 

- Direct marketing communications (when you register your email will be added to the newsletter contacts); 

- Prevention and fight against fraud; 

- Request for comments on purchased products or services; 

- Conducting satisfaction surveys. 

- Management and participation in events, hobbies and campaigns. 

Comunidade EN2 also reserves the right to process your data for other purposes that are not included in the current Privacy Policy, but never before informing you of its intention. 

Comunidade EN2 will never disclose your data without prior authorization, nor will it use it for any purpose other than that stated in the current Privacy Policy. If you are unable to change or access your personal data or if you need to clarify any question as to how Comunidade EN2 collects and processes your data, you can contact us through the communication channels available on the official website (https://